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Web3 ecosystem vision and ambition of Pyramid Walk

  1. GameFi and more!
  2. The first piece of a Web3 ecosystem

The Pyramid Walk project is a GameFi Move-to-earn app that allows users to generate income while walking for fitness. The project will launch its IDO round on BHO Pad at 9pm on June 6, and has received a lot of attention and support from the community. At the same time, the project's Pyramid Walk to Earn application, after being available on the Appstore and CHPlay, has also received a lot of positive feedback.

However, Pyramid Walk is more than just a Move-to-earn app. According to Mr. Tony Nguyen - Co-Founder and CEO of Pyramid Walk, the project's application itself will not stop at only the GameFi element, but will also integrate many attractive elements and features. And more specifically, this is just the first piece in the Pyramid ecosystem - a diverse Web3 ecosystem.

GameFi and more!

Pyramid Walk applies the GameFi model - an explosive blockchain application model in the past 2021, with notable differences. The first difference is that the application is completely free-to-try. The project founders understand that the most important element of Web3 is the users. So, with the free-to-try feature and the Move-to-earn trend, the app will attract a large number of users from both inside and outside the crypto community.

Not only that, Pyramid Walk also combines the SocialFi element, with the unique Walk Together feature. With this feature, players can find teammates to walk together and receive bonus rewards. Walk Together not only gives users the opportunity to make new friends, but also helps realize the original goal of the project - spreading the movement of exercise by walking.

During Pyramid Walk's AMA session with the BHO Network Vietnam community on May 29, Mr. Tony Nguyen - CEO & Co-Founder of Pyramid Walk project - shared about the ability to integrate Metaverse and upgrade graphics in the future. The Metaverse feature is expected to launch in the third quarter of 2022. The integration of the Metaverse element will be a breakthrough milestone, helping to increase the entertainment of walking, attracting more users and expanding the community for the project.

The first piece of a Web3 ecosystem

Not only stopping at the Walk-to-earn application, the project's vision is to complete a Web3 ecosystem with a diverse set of products in addition to the Pyramid Walk application, such as: DeFi application, Multichain Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Pyramid DAO, etc. Of course, every application in the Pyramid ecosystem will revolve around the $PYRA token - which is also the main token of the Pyramid Walk project.

We can see that the project’s vision is long-term and extremely ambitious. This project will not stop developing applications for its ecosystem. This strategy will increase the token's applicability, incentivize users to hold $PYRA, thereby creating an upward momentum in its price.

Discussing the vision and missions of the project, Mr. Tony Nguyen shared: “The project does not mind investors taking profit. But it will be a waste for investors to take profit too soon, because Pyramid Walk will develop a diverse ecosystem, making the demand to buy and hold tokens continuously increase through each development stage. And when it is applied more, the demand for use will be more, thus the value will also increase more.”

The project's development team are experienced people in the field of software development, extremely passionate about Pyramid's vision. With the efforts of the team, the project’s application has finished development, despite it still being in the investment and capital raising stage. The Pyramid Walk to Earn app is now available on the AppStore and CH Play, investors can download and experience it right at:

📲 CH Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.walktoearn

📲 Appstore: https://apps.apple.com/app/pyramid-walk2earn/id1626001018

In addition, the project's 2 Advisors are also the ones who will guide the project to success:

  • Mr. Justin (Murtaza Bohari) - Marketing and GTM Advisor of Pyramid Walk. Currently the Head of Technology and Finance of Maven Capital.
  • Mr. Jeff Nowak - Strategic and Operations Advisor of Pyramid Walk. Currently the Strategic Advisor of Telos and Polygon, incubator and co-chair of SF Blockchain.

The project also cooperated with, and is supported and invested by more than 20 major partners including: foundation blockchain projects (ChainLink, Hive), exchanges (OKex), launchpads (BHO Pad, BSC Station, DAO Launch, etc.), and investment funds (LFG Ventures, RedHood Ventures, etc.).

The Pyramid Walk project will officially open its IDO round on BHO Pad at 9pm on June 6 (GMT +7). BHO Pad applies the Guarantee Slot and Pool Weight mechanism, where investors only need to stake a minimum of 50,000 BHO on BHO Pad to guarantee the IDO investment ticket. At the same time, BHO Pad also provides top-tier marketing services with leading blockchain partners in Vietnam and global markets. See the full information about Pyramid Walk project IDO round on BHO Pad here:

Official information about the Pyramid Walk project’s IDO on BHO Pad at 9pm on June 6, 2022 (GMT+7)

🔥 Currently, Pyramid Walk's IDO Registration portal for users who have staked BHO is open on BHO Pad, REGISTER NOW at: https://bhopad.io/project/pyramid

📲 See detailed instructions to register for IDO projects on BHO Pad at: https://bho.network/instructions-to-participate-in-ido-on-bhopad.io

📲 Learn more about the Pyramid Walk project at: https://pyramidwalk.com/

Investors should Stake BHO on BHO Pad today to invest in Pyramid Walk project’s IDO, and also enjoy APY up to 20% on BHO Pad!

Published on June 05, 2022

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