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BHO Network ecosystem officially launched!

  1. Why BHO Network?
  2. BHO Network & New Identity
  3. Core Brand Values
  4. New Website & Whitepaper
  5. Our legacy has been built up day by day

Today, we are proud to introduce BHO Network to better reflect who we are today and to symbolize our next phase of growth.

Why BHO Network?

Thanks to the valuable trust of our investors from the very beginning, our project has successfully actualized significant initiatives intended to universalize DeFi adoption in the real world with the launch of our Testnet-version blockchain in November and Mainnet 1.0 in December, 2021 - one of the concrete cornerstones to define the ecosystem for the project’s development in short and medium term. Synchronously, these initial steps are also a clear demonstration of the team’s commitment to investors, as well as the basis for developing products on this platform.

With the introduction of Mainnet 1.0, our project has established a core product portfolio and a developed ecosystem on the platform. Mainnet has become a crucial infrastructure, having a decisive role in shaping the project’s product development strategy. Thus, we decided to position it BHO Network, strengthening the network’s connection to our BHO token.

BHO Network is built on BHO Chain (BHC-20), enabling the development of a complete ecosystem based on blockchain technology. We aim to support all vertical markets including supply chain, media and entertainment, identity and credentials, healthcare, trade finance, financial services, government, digital assets, retails, etc.

BHO Network & New Identity

BHO Network with the slogan ‘Bring Blockchain to life’ - further aligns us as an all-inclusive network while moving the brand forward with the vision of becoming a global open blockchain ecosystem, embarking with the Southeast Asian market and serving as a flexible platform to provide solutions to simplify the application of blockchain in real life.

The new BHO Network’s logo works on a purple - hot pink gradient color scheme to evoke a passionate, authentic and cutting-edge image. This color scheme is also a distinctive feature of the futuristic world that represents BHO Network’s dedication in connecting the real world and metaverse space. Besides, with cross-chain feature to Polkadot ecosystem in the future, BHO Network’s gradient color palette aligns with Polkadot’s brand color, while still retaining our own identity.

In terms of design, the new logo refers to the first letter of BHO Network’s name - letter “B” - intersecting the outer cube with a grid of connected lines, showing connectivity and uniqueness of the blockchain field. The connection with open intervals indicates the spirit of unlimited creativity, linking with partners and the outer world. Through this icon, we position ourselves as a transparent, secured and accessible blockchain with all-inclusive solutions. At the same time, BHO Network always encourages our users to think outside the box and unitedly cultivate state-of-the-art projects.

Core Brand Values

BHO Network will inherit and prosper four core brand values to align with BHO Network’s strategic development and vision:

  • C - Credibility: Our most important core value is credibility. We build our organization based on trust and deliver it to our customers through genuineness and transparency.
  • A - Accessibility: BHO Network is made accessible to everyone, even non-tech-savvy ones who would like to explore our products and ecosystem.
  • R - Result: We stay committed to our vision and mission to deliver the highest values to our investors & users.
  • E - Empower: We empower our users and put the decision-making rights in our communities. In short, we stay true to the definition of decentralization.

New Website & Whitepaper

Along with our new look today, we are pleased to introduce our revamped website https://bho.network which showcases a freshlook with a more responsive and user-friendly interface, supporting our clients and business partners to easily navigate around the site.

In particular, our Whitepaper 2.0 of BHO is also officially released with in-depth analysis on the characteristics and features of the technologies applied on BHO Chain.

Our legacy has been built up day by day

“The branding announcement of BHO Network is the inheritance and development based on our initial core values. BHO Network will set our next steps in actualizing our roadmap as well as strategic planning for our future products. We would like to take the opportunity to thank our users, community and business partners for your trust and support in our project and hope for your continued support in BHO Network.” - Nhat Phan, Co-Founder & CEO, BHO Network.

Published on April 11, 2022

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