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BHOPad is officially launched with its first potential IDO project

On March 31, BHO officially launches its Launchpad with the name BHOPad - an optimal and comprehensive platform for both investors and start-up projects with great potential. And on April 5, the first IDO project on BHOPad will be introduced to the investor community.

BHOPad is a decentralized start-up launch platform developed by BHO based on the latest blockchain technologies with an extremely user-friendly interface.

In addition, BHOPad provides a “triple threat” solution to help solve specific difficulties for blockchain start-ups. BHOPad not only supports capital raising for start-ups but also provides operational resources and consultations in strategic planning for projects. Projects deployed on BHOPad will have access to BHO Network's large social networking community in many countries and territories, along with more than 10,000 media partners and an investor community of 100,000 members.

Besides, BHOPad creates opportunities for investors to approach and invest in the project from the very first stages. Moreover, projects must first pass a rigorous review process by our team before being considered eligible for IDO, which helps minimize risks for investors. The opportunity to purchase IDO on BHOPad is also distributed fairly.

Therefore, BHOPad promises to become a comprehensive and optimal launch pad for projects and investors.

Furthermore, through the team's strict review and selection criteria, a GameFi project about the top sport – football - will be the first IDO project launched on BHOPad. The GameFi project will be launched in celebration of the coming World Cup 2022, which promises to create a great buzz in the community. This project has many major supporters and capital partners, including Polygon.

From April 5, the staking mechanism on BHOPad will be officially activated for the community and investors to start staking and anticipating the IDO of the abovementioned GameFi project.

Detailed information about the project will be updated by BHOPad on the official page: https://bhopad.io

Discussing BHOPad, Mr. Nhat Phan - CEO & Co-Founder of BHO, shared: “Not simply being a platform or a LaunchPad for development, BHOPad will be the last missing puzzle piece for blockchain startups that want to succeed in this field. Moreover, BHOPad is developed with the desire to bring more benefits to investors who are placing their trust on BHO Network and holding BHO tokens. Especially with the Guaranteed Allocation Mechanism, we expect to bring various benefits to our community, while also increasing the value and application of BHO token.”

BHO - Potential Blockchain for GameFi, DeFi 2.0, Web 3 and Metaverse Applications
BHO is a multi-chain blockchain platform built on the Substrate Framework, providing a full range of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols as well as applications (DApps) to develop a blockchain ecosystem that helps connect real world with Metaverse space. With advantages such as security and high transaction processing speed, low cost, cross-chain multi-network connectivity and easy encryption of real assets, BHO's blockchain platform is optimized to meet the development of technology projects, supporting the digitization of business activities based on Web 3.0.
BHO sets its ambition to become a multinational technology company, with a vision to build a Multi-hub and blockchain ecosystem, offering limitless experiences and redefining a new world.

Published on March 31, 2022

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