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Web3 and the values it can bring such as decentralization, true ownership, privacy rights, etc. are revolutionary for the Internet. However, to be able to bring Web3 to life, as well as maximize the value it brings, crypto wallets need to be further developed.

High-tech but unfriendly

The community seems to have been too focused on analyzing the opportunities, outstanding advantages, and new potentials that Web3 can bring, yet forget that from the current position, Blockchain technology needs a lot of improvement to make Web3 a reality. One of the biggest problems of Web3 at the moment is that it is too complicated and difficult to access, because simple gestures in Web2 become complex and multi-step, creating big obstacles for new users.

Take blockchain games as an example, the current blockchain games far surpasses conventional games of the same genre in terms of gesture complexity. In a Web2 turn-based game, the user when receiving an item only needs 1 click to put it in the backpack, while in Web3, the user will have to press grant permission, create a transaction, confirm the transaction with some gas fee. Imagine if we applied that mechanism with an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, players would probably have to spend up to ⅕ of the game time just to perform wallet operations.

Or, for a conventional social networking platform, every interaction such as liking an article, commenting, or sharing in Web2 is extremely simple with one click, but it is not so with Web3. Take for example the Subsocial project, a decentralized social networking project built on Substrate, belonging to the Polkadot ecosystem. Although Subsocial has done a great job creating a decentralized social networking space that says users or content creators have full control over their contents, as well as their profits from those contents. However, for ordinary users who are completely focused on the value of their experience, the Web3 social network is not friendly when every action to like, comment, share or post a photo must include a sequence of actions with the smart contract, and costs some gas fee.

Moreover, although security is a strength of Web3 with blockchain technology, for traditional users it is more like a burden. In the normal Internet, users can use their Gmail account to log in anywhere and easily recover their account when they forget their password, but in Web3, when users lose their private key(s), they will also lose full access to their account(s).

Upgrade wallet, enhance experience

Crypto wallets are the gateway for users to enter the world of Web3, so innovation for these wallets is the key to realizing the potential of Web3.

Most new users when initially learning and exploring Web3 are stuck on the wallet initialization step, or initial operations with the wallet such as choosing a network and connecting to the platform. Therefore, many new wallet applications are currently being developed, accompanied by new innovations to improve the way users interact with smart contracts, as well as with wallets.

Initial improvements include streamlining operations, reducing the number of "clicks" when deploying smart contracts, integrating Multichain, and developing new ways to securely store and recover private keys. In addition, more sophisticated technological upgrades such as session keys, smart accounts, etc. are being actively developed to improve the user experience.

3S Wallet is a product developed with the goal of focusing on users. The 3S Wallet team always understands that to bring Web3 to the world, we need to bring the world to Web3. 3S Wallet is built and perfected on 3 main pillars: Simplicity, Security, and Safety, in which the Simplicity criterion aims to create the simplest and easiest experience for all users, whether they are new to the market or long-time investors. 3S Wallet is designed with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, with the most streamlined operation, while integrating more than 13 popular Blockchain networks today. This ensures 3S Wallet users will have the best possible experience when entering the world of Web3.

In addition, 3S Wallet is currently implementing a Rewards program with an attractive participation mechanism to help users earn more income. Anyone using 3S Wallet can join by inviting friends to use 3S Wallet and get passive income with your own system up to $20 for each successful referral.

Detailed instructions for 3S Wallet's Rewards feature here.

Published on March 09, 2023

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