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Discover the unique business model of e-commerce platform Shopdi

  1. Optimizing value for stakeholders
  2. Buyer benefits
  3. Seller benefits
  4. Investor and token holder benefits
  5. Create close relationships with customers
  6. Focus on customer segments
  7. Buyer Segment
  8. Seller Segment
  9. Main activities of Shopdi
  10. Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
  11. Shopdi's key resources
  12. Revenue
  13. About Shopdi
  14. Summary

A complete and efficient business model is essential for a project's success. The project will need to find and solve market problems, find ways to create value for customers, how products reach customers, and much more. In this article, BHO Network will provide you with information about Shopdi's business model, as well as the value that Shopdi will bring to customers. Let's explore with BHO Network.

Overview of the Shopdi project HERE!

Shopdi's business model includes 7 main elements, which are:

Optimizing value for stakeholders

Shopdi focuses on community experience and investor benefits. Shopdi's business is geared towards optimizing value for its stakeholders.

Buyer benefits

  • Social networking: Shopdi develops a user-friendly social network application. When using your account on Shopdi, you will be able to rate products and personalize your experience. This is where you can connect with people with similar interests.

  • Flexible payment: In addition to traditional payment methods such as cash, you can pay via payment gateways, QR Codes, VISA, etc.

  • Benefit from tokens: You can use SHOD tokens to exchange for vouchers, and then convert to Shopdi Coins to participate in discount offers. Also, if you keep a lot of SHOD in your wallet, it will improve your credit rating. From there, you have the opportunity to participate in installment purchases or receive credit. Shopdi's network of credit unions will provide you with consumer loans to support your liquidity.

  • Benefit from Convenience: As a Shopdi user, in addition to the direct value, you also receive additional benefits from the Shopdi community and ecosystem, like experiencing travel services from Monetrip.

  • Buy premium products at better prices: Through the “Hidden Price” mechanism, shoppers can freely choose product prices with just one click. Product prices decrease according to the number of price views of customers and the buyer community. This mechanism is like a filter that eliminates dumping.

  • New Trends Update: Shopdi lists the newest and most popular products, with Pre-Order feature. Shopdi is not only a place for you to shop, but also a place for you to stay up to date with current and future trends.

  • Customer-friendly journey: Shopdi will make all your purchases simple. You can sign in either way and choose a shipping and payment method that you're comfortable and familiar with.

  • Personalize User Experience: The project also personalizes your experience by providing user interfaces tailored to each product group as well as each membership class.

Seller benefits

  • Benefit from the platform's Sales & Marketing Solution: “Hidden Price” is a solution for advertising and increasing product sales without cutting costs.

  • Journey to Becoming a Friendly Salesperson.

  • Flexible "Delivery & Payment" solution.

  • Increase brand awareness & brand positioning.

  • Reach customers with shopping needs: The customer segment that Shopdi targets is to bring you closer to your real customers. The “Hidden Price” solution helps Shopdi measure how much real user interest is in a Seller's product.

  • Maintain loyal customers: Through many regular activities such as events, Shopdi establishes strong relationships with users with Shopdi and with Seller's brand.

  • Business Academy: Through the academy of Business, marketing, and e-commerce management, Shopdi will help Sellers to develop a comprehensive business. This is done by Shopdi's experienced professional advisors.

  • Advertisement Targeting: Users’ product clicks data gives Merchants more precise information about what users need, and are more interested in Seller's products than any other data solution.

  • Pre-order: A feature that helps Sellers optimize production, inventory, and capital costs.

Investor and token holder benefits

  • High liquidity.

  • Reach more non-SHOD token users and convert them.

Create close relationships with customers

_ An automated trading platform between buyers and sellers that helps users buy, sell and trade on their own.

_ Adapt on demand, according to the trend at every moment.

_ Customer journey: Simple, easy for anyone to use, leading to increased customer experience.

_ Special series of events for members, brands, sellers, investors, community, limited product launches, co-brands, and more.

_ Blockchain makes it safe and transparent through a “Hidden Price” mechanism that creates fair and transparent methods for every transaction on Shopdi.

_ Shopdi respects the uniqueness and distinctiveness of individual users.

_ Users can freely evaluate the quality of sellers, products and services because of transparency, uneditable data, and only users who purchase new products can give evaluation by experience, product mechanism and method of assessment.

_ Get more value from Shopdi and the community through feedback, and product reviews.

_ Membership tiers: Shopdi always wants to optimize the rights and benefits of members in the ecosystem. The project provides a membership hierarchy for the community with exclusive policies such as: receive notifications, pre-purchase rights, priority rights, VIP club access, participation in private events, etc. Shopdi's loyalty system will offer greater loyalty rewards, access or perks as well as unique promotions and discounts using real time-valued SHOD tokens. Benefits of Shopdi members include:

  • Shop-to-earn
  • Review-to-earn
  • Accumulation events (birthdays, transactions, etc.)
  • Rewards from Shopdi's ecosystem
  • Bonuses from coupons

Focus on customer segments

Shopdi provides innovative and effective solutions based on current market problems and the unique characteristics of the target audience.

Buyer Segment

Shopdi will focus on the following factors:

  • Youth - Trendy
  • Pursuing fashion/lifestyle/high standards
  • Fans of celebrities, brands, technology
  • Tech/Crypto savvy

Seller Segment

  • Luxury brands
  • Global brands
  • Celebrity brands
  • Authorized distributors

Main activities of Shopdi

_ Benefit sharing: Shopdi shares part of the profits from the seller's discount or the benefit of cooperation with the members within the ecosystem to all investors and users.

_ Social-Fi: Social-Fi consists of two elements: Decentralized social media and social tokens.

  • Users can use SHOD tokens to exchange Vouchers to Shopdi Coins so as to buy discounted products from KOLs, brands or other users who have hunted products at extremely low prices on Shopdi.

  • KOLs and the communities can raise funds through the token and can also vote to decide the direction of the community's development, along with social effects to help token holders increase physical value.

_ Fintech: Big Data will help analyze customer behavior, help Shopdi conduct user reviews, provide many solutions from lending to decisions to update member ratings.

_ Business Solution: The “Secret Price” mechanism leads to price reductions by price lovers. However, users will only press the button when they truly have the real demand, bringing a lot of value to buyers and sellers.

_ White Label Brand: Shopdi also develops exclusive products officially distributed by Shopdi.

_ Technological innovation: Shopdi actively innovates and develops technology, especially processes, equipment and human resources to create new products and services for users, hence improving productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.

_ Smart Data: By using data analytics techniques to gather information about shopping habits, interests, online trends and other personal information, Shopdi can understand trends across demographics, user goals and complete Shopdi services.

_ Community development: Shopdi will develop a sustainable community and enhance the value that Shopdi members receive. Shopdi's ecosystem includes not only the user community, but also the merchant community, the like-minded community, the partner community, and more, to create an interconnected ecosystem.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Shopdi grows its business with Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy so that different sales channels are connected and synchronized.

Shopdi's sales channels include: Smartphone apps, website, social media and community channels (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, etc.), partner channels and VCs, and KOL & network KOC.

Multi-channel activity will help Shopdi improve the user experience to deliver consistency and reach a broader target audience. Furthermore, leveraging its network of partners and KOLs will make it easier for Shopdi to convert different audience files into Shopdi customers.

Shopdi's key resources

Shopdi is currently receiving the best support from strategic partners and leading authorities in the fields of technology, finance, operations, marketing, e-commerce and related fields. These are Shopdi's most important resources to realize and advance its goals and vision. In details:

  • Investor / Investment Fund: Onebit Ventures

  • Technology Partner: BBSW

  • Market Research Partner: Helping Shopdi get the answers it needs to support decision making, reduce business risk and optimize opportunities, where the partner is the seller and the user, both enjoy the value this relationship creates. eg: Center for International Studies - Nielsen, Kantar and Vietnam - CI.

  • Strategic Marketing Partner: Including consulting, providing marketing solutions and services for Shopdi, in order to build and develop brands, as well as promote products / services to customers /Shopdi's sellers include: Saatchi & Saatchi (The company has more than 6500 employees, 140 offices in 76 countries). MediaZ (VTV, Grab, CGV, Viettel..) Asianet TV, VOV, Young Entrepreneurs, CafeF, Brand Magazine, Heritage Magazine...

  • Diverse community: Shopdi owns a large community in many fields: Fashion, Football, Celeb, Crypto - up to millions of loyal members.


Shopdi secures business and adds value to investors from different revenue streams that come from the following activities:

  • Platform usage fee
  • Commission from seller
  • Advertise fee
  • Member Upgrade

About Shopdi

Shopdi is a next-gen e-commerce platform applying blockchain and NFT technology. From there, Shopdi makes shopping transparent, creating a balance of interests between customers and suppliers.

Shopdi brings a whole new concept of “civilized shopping”, bringing unexpected, exciting experiences as well as thrills and joy through the “Hidden Price” and “Unlimited Discount” mechanisms.

Learn more about how the two mechanisms “Hidden Price” and “Unlimited Discount” work HERE.

In addition, Shopdi has a team of founders and developers who are experienced and have held high positions in the fields of business, marketing, project development, community development, as well as technology.


Above is all information about Shopdi's Business Model. It can be said that Shopdi has a fairly complete business model through connecting the relationship between the platform with buyers and sellers, along with activities to enhance value for participants. From there, Shopdi will bring users great experiences from a next-gen e-commerce platform, and pioneering and different values in the future.

BHO Network is honored to accompany and organize the IDO Promotion for Shopdi on the BHO Pad platform. For IDO Promotion, the Launchpad project and platform will commit to 100% profit and capital insurance for investors. You can learn more about IDO Promotion here.

In addition, for more detailed information related to the Shopdi project, you can follow more on the official BHO Network channels, or at the Projects section on the BHO Pad page: https://bhopad.io/projects

Published on October 10, 2022

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