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  1. Shopdi's smart solutions and long-term potential
  2. Shopdi's smart solution
  3. Shopdi and its market expansion potential
  4. IDO Promotion on BHO Pad represents a solid step of Shopdi
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At 19:00 on October 16, 2022 (GMT+7), the IDO round of project Shopdi - a next-gen e-commerce platform applying blockchain technology and NFT - will be officially opened for sale in the form of IDO Promotion on BHO Pad. So should you invest in project Shopdi’s IDO? What is the growth potential of Shopdi? To answer the above questions, BHO Network in this article will provide you with more information about the potential of Shopdi, along with the benefits of participating in the project's IDO Promotion.

Shopdi's smart solutions and long-term potential

According to statistics from Google, Temasek, Bain & Company, the scale of Vietnam's e-commerce business increased by 53% in the 2020 - 2021 period, reaching 13 billion USD. These are the numbers that show that e-commerce businesses have made great leaps. In which, three e-commerce platforms lead in terms of growth: Shopee, Lazada and Tiki.

However, most of the business models of these three exchanges are heavily focused on B2C and C2C. Currently, there is no e-commerce platform dedicated to premium products - a potential niche that could signal a future shift in consumer psychology and behavior.

Many sellers and distributors cannot offer drastic discounts due to the need to maintain brand consistency. E-commerce platforms have not fully explored the development potential of authentic stores and distributors. The exchange of products between individuals (if any) on the e-commerce exchanges is also not guaranteed to be clear and transparent.

Therefore, the e-commerce platform in Vietnam still has a lot of untapped potential.

Shopdi's smart solution

Realizing the problems and challenges of traditional e-commerce and its potential in Vietnam as well as globally, Shopdi has come up with more comprehensive solutions to solve the problem and elevate the e-commerce platform in a more modern, transparent and optimal way.

  • Shopdi offers a unique shopping experience, highlighted by the "Hidden Price" mechanism, with the aim of providing the e-commerce industry with premium, authentic and limited products. Shopdi allows consumers to set their own prices without affecting merchant earnings or brand image. Every consumer has an equal opportunity to buy what they want at the lowest price.

  • Shopdi uses Blockchain technology to publish and store transaction data, ratings, comments and feedback, product provenance and shipping information. Shopdi's partners - financial companies, credit institutions, and major banks - provide loans, low interest installment payments, flexible terms and low monthly payments to community members via the Shopdi e-commerce platform.

Shopdi and its market expansion potential

The Shopdi e-commerce platform is suitable for a wide range of sellers and buyers with diverse behaviors, currencies and laws in different countries. By encapsulating the entire operation process, product and technology, transforming the complex e-commerce business model into a lean one and transferring it to the franchisors with the exclusive “Secret prices” mechanism, along with the guidance from experts having experience in the fields of electronics, Shopdi is ready to accompany and advise on development strategy with franchisees everywhere. This makes it easy for Shopdi to replicate its business model in other countries and makes international exchange and trading become much simpler. According to the business roadmap, Shopdi will enter the Southeast Asian market in 2024, next is the US market then expand globally. This shows the project team's long-term commitment and ensures that this is a project with great growth potential.

IDO Promotion on BHO Pad represents a solid step of Shopdi

Aiming to state to investors that Shopdi is a sustainable project with a long-term vision, Shopdi team and BHO Pad collaborate to launch the IDO Promotion campaign - the new IDO mechanism launching in BHO Pad for the first time. With IDO Promotion, investors will have 100% guaranteed on capital and profits! Details as below:

  • Selling price of $SHOD token at IDO round on BHO Pad is 0.075, Listing price is $0.1 (Guaranteed Profit +33.3%) and $SHOD token will be 100% unlocked at TGE.

  • Shopdi and BHO Pad are committed to keeping the list price of the $SHOD token at least 0.1 and not letting the token price drop below the above mark within 7 days. Therefore, any investor who suffers a loss within 7 days will get a 100% refund.

With all the above mentioned, we can see that Shopdi and BHO Pad are together moving forward to attract and maintain investors' trust in the long-term potential of the project, and at the same time bring more value to investors and communities.


Currently, there is no e-commerce platform that really applies blockchain technology to secure, optimize usage efficiency and create different experiences. With great potential and a strong development team, Shopdi promises to bring many outstanding projects in the upcoming time to fulfill values to the users.

Shopdi also communicated their brand name in the launching event on August 25, 2022 at Vietnam Startup Day 2022. This is an annual event with the participation of more than 150 startups, 15,000 visitors and 500 startup support organizations from all around the world. Through this event, Shopdi is considered as one of the outstanding startups with the expectation to bring fascinating experiences of a new generation e-commerce platform to users.

Besides, Shopdi also ensures the interests of investors from the beginning through the implementation of IDO Promotion on BHO Pad.

These are some notable information about Shopdi’s potentials that BHO Network would like to provide to you. We hope that with all the above information, you will be more confident in making investment decisions.

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Published on October 14, 2022

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