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What is Hold Coin? How to optimize profit when Hold Coin

  1. 1. What is Hold Coin?
  2. 2. What is a Holder?
  3. 3. The birth of the term Hodl
  4. 4. Difference between Holder and Trader
  5. 4.1 In terms of market view
  6. 4.2 Investment Objectives
  7. 4.3 Method of Analysis
  8. 5. Forms of Hold Coin
  9. 5.1 Traditional Hold Coin
  10. 5.2 Hold Coin derivatives
  11. 6. Advantages and disadvantages of Hold Coin
  12. 6.1 Advantages
  13. 6.2 Cons
  14. 7. 7 Ways of successful Hold Coin investors should know
  15. 7.1 CEX Staking
  16. 7.2 DEX Staking
  17. 7.3 Foundation Staking
  18. 7.4 IEO, IDO Staking
  19. 7.5 Lending
  20. 7.6 DEX Farming
  21. 7.7 Yield Aggregator Farming
  22. 8. How to choose tokens to Hold
  23. 9. 4 factors that determine the success of Hold Coin
  24. 9.1 Type of token you need to invest
  25. 9.2 Reasonable amount of capital affects the outcome of Hold Coin
  26. 9.3 The final selling price affects the Hold Coin result
  27. 9.4 Major Market Trends and Hold Coins
  28. 10. Notes on Hold Coin for optimal profit
  29. 11. The most effective Hold Coin strategy
  30. 11.1 Selecting Potential tokens to Hold
  31. 11.2 Choosing the right time to Hold Coin
  32. 11.3 Applying a suitable Hold Coin strategy
  33. 11.3.1 Sell when the token price reaches the target
  34. 11.3.2 Flexible Hold Coin
  35. 11.3.3 Long-term Hold Coin The long-term
  36. 11.3.4 Reasonable allocation of Hold Coin Capital
  37. 12. 4 golden times to Hold Coin
  38. 12.1 Volatile markets
  39. 12.2 Economic
  40. 12.3 Not enough knowledge to Trade
  41. 12.4 The market is too competitive
  42. 13. Criteria for choosing Coin to Hold
  43. 14. The knowledge that Holder needs to know
  44. 14.1 Typical ecosystems and tokens within it
  45. 14.2 Methods to optimize profits when Hold Coin
  46. 15. Conditions to become a Holder
  47. 16. Which Hold Coin should be effective in 2022

What is Hold Coin? Many people new to the Crypto market are unfamiliar with the term Hold. In this article, BHO Network will explain this term and the methods to optimize profits for Holders.

1. What is Hold Coin?

Hold Coin appeared at the end of 2012 invented by Game Kyuubi. After publishing an article titled “I am Holding”, the term became widely used in the cryptocurrency investment market.

So what is Hold Coin? Hold Coin is a term used to hold cryptocurrency for a long time. No matter how the value of that token changes, the owner will not sell it.

Hold Coin is a user's choice of a token that, according to their assessment, has the potential and opportunity to develop in the future. The time investors hold this token will last from 5, 6 months, even to several years. Users can hold coins until their value increases to make a profit.

However, Hold Coin has a lot of potential risks because it does not always bring profits. If investors do not choose a good token, the possibility of loss will be very high.

2. What is a Holder?

Holder is the exact opposite of Trader. Traders are short-term investors, just surfing the market. Holders are investors who apply the Hold Coin method to get long-term profits.

To become a Trader, investors must have professional knowledge as well as skills, and a quick analytical mind to accurately perceive the fluctuations of the numbers. How to buy tokens cheaply but sell them at high prices in a short period of time.

Compared to Traders who must know peak analysis, Holders only need knowledge of the market, read and know which coins have potential, and hold and expect it to increase in price in the future. The skills required are: analysis of ideas. The idea, the actual situation of the market, the token, the token development team, etc. From there, it is possible to choose the token with long-term value.

3. The birth of the term Hodl

Many people wonder when the community uses the word Hodl (short for: Hold On for Dear Life) instead of Hold. Because, Hold means "to hold, " Hodl is a misspelt word. The community uses the word Hodl because a nickname named “Game Kyuubi” on the Bitcointalk forum posted an article titled “I am Hodling” in 2013.

At the time of this guy's post It was also posted when the Bitcoin price had a strong fluctuation when it dropped from 1,130 USD to more than 500 USD. At that time, the community was very confused, but Game Kyuubi posted to cheer up the spirit with an article with messy content and typos.

The community quickly responded to the misspelt title and humorous content calling for the enthusiasm that this guy wrote. Many people unanimously shouted “Hodl”. From there, the concept of “Hodl” was born.

4. Difference between Holder and Trader

After understanding what the term Hold Coin is. In this section, we will learn the difference between Holder and Trader.

4.1 In terms of market view

Usually, Traders will look at the market in a short time and will also use many H1 and H4 charts; the highest is the D chart.

However, the most commonly used low chart for Holder is H4 and H4. Usually D. Even some famous investors use both W and M charts.

4.2 Investment Objectives

Unlike Trader - who only takes short profits in a short time, Holder will aim for large profits, usually 100% or more. And also for different purposes, they will also use various tools. Holder often buys Spot, Trader usually trades with leverage.

4.3 Method of Analysis

In Crypto, the community often says "investor" which means the majority of Holders. Holders often use fundamental analysis to see the potential of a project. Of course, you can still use technical analysis, but not every day.

For Traders, technical analysis is a daily "food". They check it almost continuously to make short-term profits.

5. Forms of Hold Coin

You have just learned the difference between Holder and Trader. So how many forms of Hold Coin are there today? Let's find out in this section.

5.1 Traditional Hold Coin

The DeFi market is growing strongly, so more token projects are being deployed. Currently, some investors prefer to hold unreleased projects on cryptocurrency exchanges because of the potential for high returns. However, this form is complicated and potentially high risk.

This section will focus on the traditional form of Hold Coin listed on the floor. As the saying goes, “buy low, sell high”, that is, buying a potential token at a reasonable price and expecting the cryptocurrency to increase in price after a certain time to be profitable in the long term.

5.2 Hold Coin derivatives

Unlike the traditional method, Hold Coin Derivatives has many priority points that are more suitable for new investors. When trading on derivatives, investors will not need to keep production facilities. Thus, it is possible to Hold coin without saving it in an e-wallet.

The exchange of information spawned all provided attacks. So few people think of holding coin on a derivatives exchange. If you want to keep your token on a derivatives exchange, you should look for a business that can automatically resize.

6. Advantages and disadvantages of Hold Coin

Before learning about the Hold Coin strategy, we should know what the advantages and disadvantages of Hold Coin are. Let's take a look at the outstanding features and the things to overcome of Hold Coin.

6.1 Advantages

  • Owners do not need to spend a lot of time analysing the cryptocurrency market.
  • This form will be less risky than short-term token investment because you can wait for the opportunity until you see the best fit.
  • Investors will be more comfortable because they do not need to follow market movements closely.

6.2 Cons

  • Owners can only make a profit when the cryptocurrency market increases in value, in other words, one-way yield. You can make money in both bullish and bearish markets.
  • You need to be patient to wait for the market to peak in value.
  • Hold Coin investors must have the vision to see the potential of the token you own.
  • If investors do not have a stable mentality, it is possible that they will not achieve their desired target because the token market fluctuates too erratically.

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7. 7 Ways of successful Hold Coin investors should know

After learning the characteristics of Hold Coin. Now we will answer the question: How to optimize profits when Hold Coin?

7.1 CEX Staking

CEX Staking is a centralized exchange managed by a 3rd party. Any electronic assets you deposit into your account on the exchange are managed and controlled by that company or organization.

Basic information:

  • Form: deposit tokens that CEX exchanges support.
  • Complexity: easy, stake right on the trading floor.
  • Benefits: low APR interest - medium.
  • Note: submission period, release time after unstake.

Implementation platform:

Each exchange will support staking different tokens, users, please refer to the links below for detailed information:

7.2 DEX Staking

DEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, built and operated on the Blockchain platform.

Trading on DEX allows peer-to-peer transactions on the Blockchain network without going through intermediary organizations.

Basic information:

  • Form: Staking DEX's native tokens to receive interest. This is a form of single token staking, there will be DEX support, but also, DEX does not support staking a single native token.
  • Complexity: medium.
  • Benefits: medium APR interest - high.
  • Note: transaction fees.

Execution Platform:

  • Binance Smart Chain: Pancakeswap (CAKE)
  • Solana: Raydium (RAY)
  • Ethereum: Sushiswap (SUSHI)
  • Fantom: SpiritSwap (SPIRIT)

7.3 Foundation Staking

Basic Info:

  • Format: Staking tokens to the Validator nodes to receive interest. Usually will be projected in the field of Infrastructure.
  • Complexity: medium
  • Benefit: Low APR interest - medium.
  • Note: Transaction fees, release time after unlocking, the reputation of Validators.

Implementation Platform:

Each ecosystem will have its own native token, and all will be staked through the project's Node Validators, for example: Ethereum has ETH, Binance Smart Chain has BNB, Solana has SOL, Terra has LUNA, NEAR has NEAR, Avalanche has AVAX.

7.4 IEO, IDO Staking

IEO is a form of crowdfunding through token offering on Crypto exchanges.

Like IEO, IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is also a form of fundraising through a token offering. However, the difference here is that IDO will raise capital on AMM fundraising platforms such as Poolz, Polkastarter, etc. And IDO will usually have 2 pools, one pool for the community, the other pool for users holding the base token.

Basic information:

  • Form: Staking native tokens of IEOs, IDO Platforms to enjoy the benefits of participating in the IDO sale.
  • Complexity: Medium. Requires knowing how to use a non-custodial wallet.
  • Benefits: The right to participate in buying tokens.
  • Note: Transaction fee, release time after unstake.

IDO Platforms:

  • Binance Launchpad.
  • Huobi Prime.
  • OKEx Jumpstart.
  • Kucoin Spotlight.

7.5 Lending

Lending is a form of users using their assets or money to lend to other Borrowers at a certain interest rate. After some time, Lenders (lenders) will receive back the principal and interest as agreed initially.

Basic information:

  • Form: lending holding assets to optimize profits by lending.
  • Complexity: medium
  • Benefit: low APR interest - medium
  • Note: transaction fees, release time after unlocking


  • Ethereum: Compound, Aeve, MakerDAO, Cream Finance,...
  • Binance Smart Chain: Venus, Cream, Alpha, ForTube, EasyFi, UniLend,...
  • Polygon: EasyFi, Aeve.
  • Terre: Anchor
  • Fantom: Cream Finance

7.6 DEX Farming

Farming (or Yield Farming) is a term for users trying to generate the most profit through providing liquidity for DeFi protocols.

Basic information:

  • Form: DEX Farming is a form of providing liquidity for the DEX to receive distribution rewards from the transaction fees collected from the DEX, usually the reward will be the native token of the DEX.
  • Complexity: Medium. Requires knowing how to use a non-custodial wallet.
  • Benefits: Relatively high APR interest.
  • Note: Transaction fees, Rug-pull, Impermanent Loss.

Execution platform:

  • Ethereum: Uniswap, Sushiswap, Bancor, Curve,...
  • Binance Smart Chain: Pancake, DODO, Bakery, MDEX,...
  • Solana: SerumSwap, Raydium, Orca,...
  • Polygon: QuickSwap,..:
  • FantomSpiritSwap, SpookySwap, Froyo Finance, ...
  • NEAR: Ref Finance,...
  • Avalanche: Pangolin, Penguin Finance, YetiSwap,...

7.7 Yield Aggregator Farming

Basic information:

  • Form: Yield Aggregator will help optimize Farming profits by comparing between many different pools. In addition, users can also be rewarded with a native token of the Yield Farming platform.
  • Complexity: medium
  • Benefits: Relatively high APR interest
  • Note: transaction fees, Impermanent Loss, Rug pull.

Execution platform:

  • Solana: SolFarm
  • Binance Smart Chain: Pancake Bunny, AutoFarm, Beefy Finance, ACryptos,...
  • Polygon: Beefy Finance, Adamant,...
  • Avalanche: Beefy Finance, Yield Yak,...
  • Ethereum: Yearn Finance, Alpha Homora, Harvest Finance,...

8. How to choose tokens to Hold

To get Coin Hold is not simple. Because in the current cryptocurrency world there are more than 15,000 different large and small tokens. So how to choose the right token for yourself?

In this section, BHO Network will help you classify token Holds in the market. From there you can make the right choice.

Group 1: Top tokens

This is the token that has the most influence on the market like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple,... This token is very safe when Hold. In addition, it is also very popular because almost every floor has it.


  • Almost any exchange has
  • Hard to lose value
  • Safe and high liquidity


  • Less volatility, so profits are not as high as other tokens

Group 2: Mining tokens

Great backing from hardware manufacturers or miners. But these tokens carry many risks. For example, Mining City's BTCV coin used to fly very high, but now it's going downhill.


  • Very high profit if that mining pool develops well
  • It has advantages if it is miners


  • Very high risk
  • It depends a lot on the organization and mining group

Group 3: tokens can Potential technology

These are tokens that are considered to carry potential technology. There is a basis to compete with top tokens. For example, some tokens like Cardano or Solana. These tokens always have substantial breakout opportunities. However, you need to learn and understand the technological value of that token.


  • High potential
  • High probability of explosion if many people apply the value of technology


  • Need to learn well about the technology of that token
  • It takes time to persevere

This group of tokens is suitable for investors with a lot of knowledge and experience. Understanding of Metaverse and deep understanding of Blockchain technology.

Group 4: tokens in the ICO project

Tokens in the ICO project are about to be listed on the exchange.IPO market is a very high-risk market. Holding Coin in the ICO also carries a great risk, so you need to learn carefully about the ICO project, the strategy and feasibility.


  • If it is listed on the exchange, the profit is very high
  • The purchase price of the coin when it is opened for sale is usually good


  • The disadvantage of this group of tokens is a great risk because not all ICO projects are successful.
  • Currently, there are many scam ICO projects on the market.

This group of tokens is very suitable for large investors who have a lot of experience in the ICO field. Especially knowledgeable and knowledgeable about this market.

9. 4 factors that determine the success of Hold Coin

Find out the 4 factors that determine the outcome of Hold Coin in the following section:

9.1 Type of token you need to invest

The most important thing is that the type of token can grow at long term level. A good and potential token will help you solve 2 problems when Hodl:

  • Good growth rate when the market is in an uptrend
  • Can recover when the market goes through a strong downtrend.

If you choose a token with low-potential, you may never return it, or even the token will be removed from trading on exchanges or by the development team.

So what is a good token to Hold? In order to find a good token, people will research and evaluate the development of that token in the future. Some criteria can be evaluated such as:

  • How is the application and operation of that token?
  • Who is the founding team?
  • What are the distinguishing characteristics of that token?
  • Community and Support Team
  • The Opportunity to “Make Price” of tokens

All of them are summed up to the potential of tokens. Investors will base on that to price the token and hold until they reach the desired price.

Hold time of each investor is different. Depending on the strategy, judgment, and vision, the Hold time will differ.

9.2 Reasonable amount of capital affects the outcome of Hold Coin

If your salary is only 10 million/month and accumulates 100 million, then borrow another 200 million to Hold Coin, will you be successful before the changes the ups and downs of the market?

Your sentiment will change as the total value of the assets you invest in changes. The larger the amount of investment, the heavier the psychology.

9.3 The final selling price affects the Hold Coin result

The selling price is key to being able to hold a breakthrough. Many people have held Coin well, Hold a reasonable amount of capital but exactly at the final selling price, so the results are only relative.

Mainly this part is only concerned with the way the token is valued and the trust of each person. Some believe that Bitcoin can reach $1 million, or $10 million.

9.4 Major Market Trends and Hold Coins

Determining the trend is very important when making a Hold decision. That is, Uptrend and Downtrend. In short, this is a good token on a downtrend that also splits the account. In the year 2022, we have many coins divided by 10, Bitcoin divided by 2 and ETH divided by 2.

10. Notes on Hold Coin for optimal profit

Here are a few notes when Hold Coin that BHO Network has compiled be:

  • Release time after unstake: investors need to consider the terms of staking carefully. Token release time after unstake can be up to 2 weeks and users may need to use it for other purposes.
  • Rug pull: this is a common form for participants to Farming token pairs with low liquidity.
  • Hacked or smart contract error: DeFi projects all operate on Smart Contracts, so there will be vulnerabilities that make hackers attack to steal from Protocol.

In addition, there are many different reasons, so investors should allocate capital to different protocols.

11. The most effective Hold Coin strategy

After understanding “what is Hold Coin”, Holders must know how to build the most effective investment strategy with the capital spent.

11.1 Selecting Potential tokens to Hold

To Hold Coins, you must choose a potential token type. In the analysis below, BHO Network will divide the tokens on the market into 4 main groups.

  • The first group: tokens that have a big impact on the market
  • Second group: The top of the market, mineable and backed by large-scale miners.
  • The third group: tokens possess breakthrough technology, overcoming the disadvantages of the previous token. They have been released and listed on the major Crypto exchange system.
  • The fourth group: token ICO words of large projects with clear long-term development orientation.

11.2 Choosing the right time to Hold Coin

If you want to Hold Coin effectively, you must choose the right time. Normally to start holding token waiting for price, Holder usually chooses the following 2 times.

  • The downtrend remains in the short term.
  • The market is starting to move in an uptrend.

The ideal time to hold a coin is when the market moves from a deep bearish phase to an ascending bull phase. When the market explodes, that is when Holder is most profitable. Catching the time to buy tokens will also help you more than what the true nature of Hold Coin is.

Instead of buying too soon, you can choose the time when the market gradually warms up on a large scale.

For example: When the market stops exploding, it will become gloomy, and this is the ideal time to buy. If you buy as soon as the market starts to fall, you will have to buy at a high price and the profit when the selling will not be high.

11.3 Applying a suitable Hold Coin strategy

Applying a reasonable Hold Coin strategy will help Holder optimize profits. Along with several token holdings, but if you know how to use an appropriate strategy, it will help increase profits many times.

11.3.1 Sell when the token price reaches the target

In this way, Holder does not put too much emphasis on time or future market movements. They will sell immediately as soon as they notice that the token price has reached the target.

For example, when buying Bitcoin at $20,000, the sell target price is $50,000. When Bitcoin comes this target price, it will sell to make a profit.

11.3.2 Flexible Hold Coin

If you want to optimize profits, you must pay attention to the number of tokens held. For example, when holding Bitcoin, you must collect as much Bitcoin as possible and sell it at the right time.

When Bitcoin reaches the price of $30,000, you decide to buy 1 Bitcoin. When the price rises to $45,000, you sell for $45,000. Then use this amount to buy into Bitcoin when its price drops to just $40,000. The buying and selling keeps repeating as the price of Bitcoin increases over time.

But you must remember that you are applying Hold Coin, not Trade Coin. So before deciding to sell at $45,000, you must make sure that the Bitcoin price will be lower than the sold price.

The key point of this method is that the Holder only sells when it can be bought back at a better price. You can still buy if you sell with the target price and the token still rises slightly. The basic principle of Hold Coin is that the number of tokens of the five things must not be reduced under any circumstances.

Thus, limit continuous buying and selling if you are not sure that you can buy back the token at a reasonable price. This is suitable to apply to permits with the ability to increase rapidly and continuously.

11.3.3 Long-term Hold Coin The long-term

Hold Coin strategy is suitable to apply to tokens that Holder believes in its future growth potential. Accordingly, you should buy and wait until the market starts to saturate, the token is more widely and practically applied.

You will find this method potentially quite risky if you understand the nature of Hold Coin. However, it is also not a small opportunity. When choosing the right potential token, Holder will be rewarded.

11.3.4 Reasonable allocation of Hold Coin Capital

Depending on the chosen strategy, you should allocate investment capital appropriately. You should divide money for both Bitcoin to limit risk. Some types of tokens on top, and potential groups of tokens have not yet reached high rankings.

The key point here is to never go beyond the established position and strategy. Every calculation has certain errors, no one can guarantee they will win. However, people can reduce risk through proper capital allocation.

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12. 4 golden times to Hold Coin

So when should we Hold Coin? There are four most favorable times for us to do this:

12.1 Volatile markets

Investment markets are bound to be constantly fluctuating. Let's turn it into an opportunity when doing Hold Coin.

The essence of market volatility is to find a new equilibrium. So, doing Hold at this time is the most appropriate. This is also a safe way to protect your investment.

Wise investors can also sell tokens to the market at a time when things have returned to a new equilibrium. Thus, the profit will also be much higher.

12.2 Economic

Economic recession is a time when economic activities decrease. This will also lead to a decline of investment and production or business indicators. Regardless of the direction of the economic downturn, this is a very good lever to help the economy overcome difficulties and thereby reach the new normal.

12.3 Not enough knowledge to Trade

It can be said that Hold is a method chosen by many newbies and novice investors. Because at this time we are just starting to invest, do not have much experience and cannot handle many types of information at the same time.

12.4 The market is too competitive

The market is too competitive. It is also a perfect destination for you to Hold Coin. Because when the market reaches a certain level, competition is inevitable.

Competition is the best way to resolve conflicts. After everything is resolved, there will be a new path with a brighter future. So, let's apply Hold Coin at this point.

13. Criteria for choosing Coin to Hold

The only criterion to choose Coin Hold is: The token gives us the best return. Because everyone who enters this market is also for profit.

But choosing a potential Token, it depends on each person's point of view:

  • Capital: Large capital often chooses large-cap tokens with little profit, but is safe; capital less often wants to play more dangerous with small cap Token for high profit.
  • Analysis: Depending on the analytical ability of each person to make different decisions. To this person, it is just a "junk" Token, but from another person's point of view, it is a "hidden gem".
  • Play with others: If everyone plays by the majority, of course there will also be different Holds.

Therefore, there is no standard to choose tokens, all based on investors' perspective and analytical ability.

14. The knowledge that Holder needs to know

So what knowledge does Holder need to equip before investing? Find out through the following section:

14.1 Typical ecosystems and tokens within it

BHO Network will classify tokens into the typical ecosystems below. Some tokens will run on both networks. Divide tokens according to different ecosystems with the aim of making it easier for Holders to choose suitable profit optimization methods.

Some typical ecosystems and tokens belong to those systems:

  • Ethereum: ETH, UNI, SUSHI, BNT, CRV, AAVE, MKR,...
  • Binance Smart Chain: BNB, CAKE, BAKE, 1INCH, XVS, ALPHA,...
  • Solana: SOL, SRM, RAY, FTT, OXY, FIDA,...
  • Polkadot: DOT, KSM, REEF, XOR, POLS, PHA, LIT, OM,...
  • Polygon: MATIC, QUICK, AAVE, EASY,...
  • Terra: LUNA, MIR, ANC,...
  • Fantom: FTM, SPIRIT, BOO, EST,...
  • Near: NEAR.
  • Avalanche: AVAX, PNG, XAVA, PEFI, SNOB,...

14.2 Methods to optimize profits when Hold Coin

There are many methods for Holder to optimize their profits with Hold Coin. Each method will have different advantages and disadvantages. Profit and risk go hand in hand, everyone should have an appropriate capital allocation strategy.

Here are some methods:

  • CEX Staking: Staking receives interest right on CEX exchanges like Binance,...
  • DEX Staking: Staking receives interest on native tokens of DEX exchanges like PancakeSwap,...
  • Foundation Staking (Node Validator Staking): Staking for tokens in the field of blockchain platforms such as BNB, SOL, DOT, LUNA,...
  • IEO, IDO Staking: Staking to enjoy the benefits of participating in IEO, IDO.
  • Lending: Lending on Lending DeFi platforms.
  • DEX Farming: Get rewarded for providing liquidity (Farming) for DEX exchanges.
  • Yield Aggregator Farming: Farming on interest-optimized platforms.

Thus, we have 3 main ways to optimize profits:

  • Staking: Hold and lock a certain amount of tokens to get rewards from them. Simply put, the Holder will deposit and lock his tokens into the Staking-enabled platform. The reward will be based on the user's effort, including: staked token amount & stake duration.
  • Lending: Use your token to lend to others through Lending platforms, then the user will get back the principal and interest as the original agreement.
  • Farming: Use tokens to participate in providing liquidity for projects that need liquidity such as DEX decentralized exchanges, Lending platforms.

15. Conditions to become a Holder

To become a professional Holder is not difficult. The condition for you to be able to achieve is to cultivate yourself a basic knowledge of digital currency. This knowledge includes: basic crypto terminology, exchanges, trading methods, how to create wallets to store cryptocurrencies, learn market analysis knowledge...

One advantage of Holder is that you don't have to sit all day to analyze the chart as well as the market's changes like a Trader. What a Hold Coin investor needs to do is just choose a token we feel good about and then buy it. Reserve in the wallet until the price increases and it is suitable, then earn to make a profit.

16. Which Hold Coin should be effective in 2022

Currently on the market there are about 3,000 different types of tokens, in the middle of such a token forest, which token should be held effectively? This is also the question of many investors when participating in the cryptocurrency market.

It is not safe to hold Top tokens (big tokens like BTC, ETH, XRP ..) to be safe, nor is it safe to hold junk tokens, small-cap tokens are not safe, no problem. only with those tokens.

If you entered the market in mid-2017, almost every token you hold will be profitable, because at that time the market was in an uptrend, Bitcoin price peaked at $20,000, causing the entire market to surge.

Holding too many tokens has a high probability of loss because of the downtrend market. No matter how good the token is, the price will drop. Therefore, in addition to choosing a good and potential token, you must know how to buy at the right time. In addition, you must have a reasonable holding strategy, know when to buy, when to sell and buy back.

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Hopefully, you clearly understand “What is Hold Coin” through BHO Network article. Equip yourself with professional knowledge and analytical skills to bring high returns on investment. In addition, follow our articles to update your investment knowledge.

Published on August 11, 2022

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