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What is IPFS? Details about the potential of IPFS in Blockchain

  1. 1. What is IPFS?
  2. 2. Why is IPFS a severe competitor to HTTP?
  3. 3. How IPFS works
  4. 4. Some unique features of IPFS
  5. 4.1 Avoiding server dependency
  6. 4.2 Decentralized model
  7. 4.3 Cost reduction
  8. 4.4 Some other unique points
  9. 5. Some limitations of IPFS
  10. 6. Potential application of IPFS in Blockchain
  11. 7. Instructions to install IPFS

What is IPFS? Many centralised models control big data, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon or Tiktok. Especially when Blockchain technology was born, these models became more and more popular and developed. IPFS is one of the leading technologies in this field. So what's so special about this technology? Let's find out more details about BHO Network in the article below.

1. What is IPFS?

IPFS stands for the term Interplanetary File System. This is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that connects all computing devices. Specifically, this system will distribute the data stored in P2P, also known as a peer-to-peer or peer-to-peer network.

In particular, the activities of IPFS are mainly based on the ability to calculate the bandwidth of all participating machines, not entirely on a small part of central servers like the HTTP protocol.

In other words, IPFS is an entirely decentralized content delivery network. The system also allows to the management and storage of data flexibly. Each computer participating in the network will take on the task of Downloading and Uploading data without the intervention of central servers.

2. Why is IPFS a severe competitor to HTTP?

According to the research of experts, IPFS will be a perfect choice for replacing HTTP in the future thanks to its superior features such as security, data transmission, and completely decentralized transactions. The medium does not depend on the machine and is popular at present.

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3. How IPFS works

So the method of operation of IPFS is based on what mechanisms and how it works later. Let's find out right here.

Content identification

system IPFS, your files are broken into smaller pieces, cryptographically hashed, and provided with a unique fingerprint called a CID (Content Identifier). content). This CID acts like a permanent record of your file because it exists at that time.

Content Search

When other Nodes search your content file, those Nodes will ask their peers who are storing the content which the file's CID will reference. When they view or Download files your content will cache a copy and become another content provider until that Cache is cleared.

Pin Content

A Node can pin content to make it available forever or destroy it for a while. Time to help save space. This means that each Node in the network stores only the content of interest and some indexing information to help figure out which Node is hosting.

Anti-tampering and content moderation

The cryptographic hash function will differ if you add a new archive version to IPFS. Hence will get a new CID. This means files stored on IPFS are resistant to tampering and content censorship. Any changes that don't overwrite the original file and its shared parts can be reused to minimize storage costs.

Name the content file

You need to remember a long string of CIDs.system IPFS can find the latest version for your file using the IPNS hierarchical naming system, and DNSLink can be used to map CIDs to human-readable DNS names.

4. Some unique features of IPFS

If implemented as planned, IPFS offers great potential by improving data transfer speeds, avoiding server dependency, and helping to save costs. Here are a few advantages of IPFS that BHO Network has updated and evaluated.

4.1 Avoiding server dependency

In client-server models similar to HTTP, when servers encounter problems, they will not be able to respond to users. This is the biggest HTTP protocol's biggest problem when it depends on a centralized server, which still cannot be improved and fixed.

As for IPFS, this protocol completely ignores the concept of a server. IPFS is only interested in searchable content. This not only helps us shorten the path to information but also does not have to worry about encountering unreliable poor-quality servers.

4.2 Decentralized model

With each centralized model, large amounts of data are concentrated in the hands of a few names such as Facebook, Google, Amazon... This has inadvertently made those networks the focus for bad guys to attack. In history, there have been many times when users have witnessed information leaks related to big names.

With the Decentralized (Distributed Website) model of IPFS, these problems are entirely overcome, and there is no longer a decentralized management mode. The data is stored and distributed, and no centralised server exists to attack. Besides, the more people involved in IPFS, the more secure the network will be and difficult to manipulate.

4.3 Cost reduction

IPFS is to reduce costs for providers' content and regular users. IFPS technology will allow Videos to be completely downloaded to the IFPS intranet no matter who you are and wherever you are. Therefore, eliminating the need for a series of docking stations and Internet servers will result in significant overall cost savings.

4.4 Some other unique points

In addition to the outstanding features mentioned above, IPFS technology also has other unique points that you can refer to.

Service and storage

Providing large amounts of data to users and storing it on IPFS will help you cut bandwidth costs thanks to secure peer-to-peer content delivery. In addition, if you are a partner or distributor of large data sets, storing data using IPFS can help speed up the performance of unlocking decentralized storage.

In addition, data storage thanks to IPFS also allows for deduplication, cluster sustainability and high performance, allowing users to store the world's information for future generations.

Capable of growing off-chain

IPFS's content address format will allow you to store large files off-chain and set a permanent and immutable link to transactions, timestamp and secure the content without the need to put the data in the string.

Empower content creators

System IPFS empowers content creators to build and share on the decentralized web, providing free content free from middle-party control or creating NFTs that stand the test of time.

Flexible Internet Support

If someone hacks into Wikipedia's Web servers or an engineer at Wikipedia makes a big mistake and catch the server on fire, you can still get the same Web pages from somewhere else.

Offline users

Networks with high latency will easily cause major problems for those with poor Internet infrastructure. IPFS can provide flexible access to data independent of latency or backbone connectivity.

Speed ​​up surfing

You can usually get those files faster if you can access files from someone nearby instead of hundreds, thousands of miles away. This becomes especially valuable if the community is locally networked but not well connected to the broader Internet.

5. Some limitations of IPFS

In addition to the advantages, IPFS still has certain disadvantages. Let's refer to some limitations of IPFS right here.

  • IPFS is a technology still in development, so its use in production is not yet widely available.
  • IPFS will be quite complicated for inexperienced users when participating in the system.
  • IPFS does not have privacy extensions by default. Unlike other projects like SIA, IPFS was not designed with an incentive model at its core. Because of this, they were forced to develop separate projects like Filecoin.

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6. Potential application of IPFS in Blockchain

The core technology of IPFS is based on the distributed hash table belonging to the network. Peer-to-peer decentralized network (P2P Network). Blockchain uses distributed ledger technology because of the same structure, these two technologies can work together.

With the outstanding advantages of high security, better data transmission thanks to a completely decentralized operating model, IPFS promises to become an indispensable component in the Web 3.0 structure. This web allows users to store decentralized data, preventing manipulation and tampering.

In addition, IPFS has also become the preferred storage platform for many Dapps because of its censorship resistance.

7. Instructions to install IPFS

To use IPFS, you can download go-ipfs at Link https://ipfs.io /docs/install/. Installation is quite simple. After downloading go-ipfs, you will get the file go-ipfs_v0.4.14_darwin-amd64.tar. You go back to the folder where the downloaded tar files are located, open Termina, and run the command tar xvfz go-ipfs.tar.gz.

After unzipping and getting the go-ipfs folder, open Terminal in that folder and run the Command below to install ipfs:


Next, run the following command to check if you have installed set successfully or not.

ipfs help

If the interface appears the line:


ipfs - Global p2p merkle-dag filesystem.

ipfs [--config= | -c] [--debug= | -D] [--help=] [-h=] [--local= | -L] [--api=]

This means you have successfully installed it.

Next let's perform some basic functions of IPFS. First, launch the button to join the system by running the Command below.

ipfs init

Then you will see the message displayed:

'> ipfs daemon'

Initializing daemon...

API server listening on /ip4/

Gateway server listening on /ip4/

To can Upload a file, you follow these steps:

ipfs add <path_to_file>

To check if our file has been uploaded to real IPFS or not and can access https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmd286K6pohQcTKYqnS1YhWrCiS4gz7Xi34sdwMe9USZ7u.

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The above article BHO Network has given you information about what is IPFS, its characteristics, and how it works. This application is highly appreciated by experts and has potential for future development. If you still have concerns or questions, please continue to follow the next articles to be updated with the latest information.

Published on July 18, 2022

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