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Today, June 28, following the development roadmap of the BHO network ecosystem, our first Wallet is now officially launched to expand the diverse ecosystem, as well as optimize our service and user experience under the name: 3S Wallet.

The mission of 3S Wallet

3S Wallet is the result of a period of intensive research and development by the BHO Network team with the mission to bring a complete, reliable financial tool for individuals and organizations to store assets, optimally spend, and trade cryptocurrencies at any place and time.

Inspired by the book "The Universe in a Nutshell" by Stephen Hawking, the chestnut image in the 3S Wallet logo represents the completeness of the product with the multi-chain connection of the puzzle pieces in the "crypto universe" - helping to integrate all features in just a key placed in user's hand. This "Nutshell universe" is protected by a sharp squirrel - the mascot of 3S Wallet. The image of the squirrel is often seen in myths with magical spells, agilely moving between tree branches and leading the "wanderers" to find precious treasures in the multi-dimensional universe, making this path always straightforward, safe, and secure for wallet users.

The above inspiration has been realized in the 3S Wallet product with the mission of being a digital asset storage platform and, at the same time, one of the platforms with safe, simple, and secure features allowing users to exchange and trade many different tokens with the best exchange rate. Significantly, this product is created based on users’ opinions and authentic experiences.

3S Wallet Program - “Privileged Access”

To acknowledge users' feedback, optimize basic features, make a premise for the perfect version of the Wallet, and bring about the most satisfying user experience, the 3S Wallet program - "Privileged Access" will be held exclusively for the first 2000 users of the Wallet.

By participating in the program, users will have the chance to experience the prominent features of the Wallet - Designed with a focus on segments to secure and optimize the user experience. Specifically, 3S Wallet has a friendly interface even for those not used to using cryptocurrency applications on mobile phones with many convenient features, including name customization, easy-to-access transaction processes, secure fingerprint authentication, modern and simple design. All the stated features will provide the smoothest experience for cryptocurrency transactions. Besides, 3S Wallet also offers easy access to Defi, web3, NFT Marketplace, and Social-Fi platforms on one platform; users can also enjoy cashback programs when shopping on nearby platforms, as well as make Crypto purchases using credit cards or bank transfers (applicable to some countries) quickly and conveniently.

With many outstanding features, 3S Wallet promises to bring a completely different experience, meeting the specific needs of investors and users.

Be one of the lucky 2,000 users of 3S Wallet!

Engaging activities and many exclusive gifts throughout the program have been prepared exclusively for the lucky 2,000 users of 3S Wallet. Specifically, all the lucky 2,000 customers will receive an exciting Airdrop gift set to be able to experience the features of the 3S Wallet. In addition, gifts will be given to recognize the user's first transaction, for the top 3 people who own the most transactions weekly, for customers who send their wallet experience feedback on the homepage, and for referring friends to use 3S Wallet, etc.

With the "Privileged Access" program, 3S Wallet hopes to receive helpful feedback from customers when using the product, thereby further perfecting the basic and outstanding features as committed to launching the official version of 3S Wallet - Expected to be launched later this year.

Join “Privileged Access” to receive 25,000 USDT reward pool. Be the first to explore 3S Wallet HERE! [Event has ended]

Published on June 28, 2022

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