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What are NFT games? Top 20 Earning NFT Games in 2022

  1. 1. What is the NFT game?
  2. 2. The birth of the NFT Game
  3. 3. Can NFT Gaming Make Money?
  4. 4. Top 20 NFT games to make money
  5. 4.1 Axie Infinity
  6. 4.2 DeFi Kingdom
  7. 4.3 Gods Unchained
  8. 4.4 Splinterlands
  9. 4.5 Alien Worlds
  10. 4.6 Mine of Dalarnia
  11. 4.7 Thetan Arena
  12. 4.8 My Neighbor Alice
  13. 4.9 CryptoBlades
  14. 4.10 ILLuvium
  15. 4.11 Sorare – Fantasy Football
  16. 4.12 Guild of Guardians
  17. 4.13 Champions: Ascension
  18. 4.14 Treeverse
  19. 4.15 Ember Sword
  20. 4.16 Surf Invaders
  21. 4.17 Star Atlas
  22. 4.18 The Sandbox
  23. 4.19 Sidus NFT Heroes
  24. 4.20 Mobox
  25. 5. NFT Features

What are NFT games? With the opportunity to make big money while playing the game, it has attracted a lot of people to participate in this game and created a fever on the Blockchain platform. So what game names in the NFT Game world can bring you a desirable income? To solve that question in this article, BHO Network will provide you with important information about Game NFT to help you make an investment decision to increase your income or not!

1. What is the NFT game?

Game NFT - Non-Fungible Token (Unmodifiable Code) is a video game built and developed on the Blockchain platform. The difference from other games is that each game will have its own economy and token - the reward when the player earns after each end will be in the form of NFT.

Another point that makes players crazy is that this token can be exchanged for real money through very high exchanges. According to the most recent statistics of Axie Infinity players, they can earn 30 million to 40 million VND/month.

Compared to other traditional games, the items in the game will be kept in the account, but the NFT game will allow the items to be exchanged freely without giving your account.

Therefore, many gamers have earned thousands of dollars in desirable numbers by selling virtual land lots on Decentraland. Or, even more interesting, you can receive a profit from the entrance tickets to the car races you bought back that track to earn the difference from the races on your track.

This is like you have a real-life business. You can play to relieve stress and receive real money.

2. The birth of the NFT Game

In 2012 Meni Rosenfeld released a paper introducing the concept of Color Token issued on the Bitcoin blockchain. With the concept and the limitations of Bitcoin, it has not materialized, but it is a mark for future NFTs.

In mid-2015, Kevin McCoy - a digital artist, created the first known "Quantum" NFT. By 2021 with its uniqueness, it sold for more than $1.4 million in a Sotheby's auction.

It was after NFT was born and a small branch fueled the innovation that was the NFT - CryptoKitties in 2017. The NFT game has been noticed by the community until now and is still a hot topic in the Blockchain Game world.

CryptoKitties Game of raising virtual cats) is also the NFT game launched on the market to bring money-making opportunities for players. The meaning of this game is very simple. Participants can create many different breeds of cats; the more beautiful the cat, the higher the value.

Thanks to this unique gameplay, the game has become a craze, attracting such high traffic that the Ethereum network is congested during transactions. However, the heat of the NFT showed signs of cooling down after a while.

Until 2020, Axie Infinity - a game released by Vietnamese people has created a new craze, attracting both game players and investors to start paying attention again to the Game NFTThis event created heat and led to a series of other NFT titles born - since then there have been no signs of going down.

3. Can NFT Gaming Make Money?

The answer is yes because NFT runs on a Blockchain, and everything is transparent. NFT games have their items, Tokens, and exchange for real money - they pay for NFT transactions to allow players to vote on development, enable staking, and settle in-game assets play.

Each type of item or virtual asset has an NFT code. Players can bring this item to trade with other players or bring it to exchanges to exchange for profit.

The profit is very high. Players can sell it for millions of dollars - this is like people mining Tokens in a pool.

To participate in the NFT, the player will first have to invest a certain amount of money to buy the most items or characters in the game. After the purchase is complete, it will be through fighting, spawning, and exchanging items with others to collect the Tokens used in the Game.

This token will be converted into real money and is rated according to the value on the market.

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4. Top 20 NFT games to make money

The NFT market, as well as NFT games, is a very hot topic and is widely discussed. So why is the NFT game getting so much attention?20 NFT games that make the most money with players today in the content below!

4.1 Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was released in March 2018 and set the stage for developing the NFT gaming space. The founder of this game is Mr Nguyen Thanh Trung, and now many people are using this game as their main source of income.

Monthly, Axie Infinity boasts 2.7 million continuous followers and by September 2020, it has exploded beyond expectations. The game's revenue is up to 2.3 billion dollars and is second only to Opensea in the market.

The game inspired by Pokémon. Players must create their own monsters by collecting, breeding, raising, and fighting Axies to receive Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as a reward.

Each Axie have 4 main attributes to evolve: health, speed, skill, and sanity. The more advanced one of these skills, 's combat Axie stronger performance is expected to storm the Axie Infinity NFT market. There are more than 500 body parts for players to combine their way.

4.2 DeFi Kingdom

The latest appearance in the NFT Game is DeFi Kingdom (August 22, 2021). The birth of DeFi Kingdom is a combination of DEX and Liquid Pool - taking place in the context of an ancient fantasy world with pixel art.

Similar to other money-making games, players can earn valuable rare NFT items in the DeFi Kingdom and use them to do quests and gain more rewards.

The special feature of the game is that the features are likened to an ecosystem (gamification), which seamlessly combines the functions of DeFi through the blockchain game mechanism in order to create an interesting and exciting experience for users.

With the explosive launch of the NFT, DeFi Kingdoms has risen to No. 1 on the list of decentralized applications (dapps) of Harmony Blockchain, surpassing other famous projects such as EnterDao and BakerySwap.

4.3 Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a Play to Earn game using the Ethereum blockchain technology. This game has many features similar to Magic: The Gathering game that allows players to play for free, with full ownership, collect cards of different powers, and buy and sell in-game items to increase income.

Token GODS is designed to be the core currency of Gods Unchained to make transactions between cards, thereby promoting the ecosystem. A state that empowers players to earn and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Gods Unchained has cleverly attracted people who want to have fun and make money with a lively system.

4.4 Splinterlands

Splinterlands (SPS) is a card collecting game inspired by the famous cartoon Yugioh and built on Blockchain platform technology. Each player will have to collect cards for themselves to use against others.

The characteristics of each card will provide a unique ID on the Blockchain system to mark their owner's identity. Therefore, the transaction process will be easier and stored by the system.

The attraction of this game is the in-game currency Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) to VND after withdrawing from the Hive wallet. That attraction satisfied the passion for gaming and making money.

4.5 Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is an economy that simulates the outer world where players compete for scarcity. The feature of this game is to explore and exploit for mutual benefit to get TML. Usually all new gamers will get a tool to start mining TML (in-game currency).

In the Alien Worlds world, the game strategy section allows players to buy or collect NFTsAlien Worlds NFTs can be tools, lands, and avatars. NFT will help with mining and staking tasks in Alien Worlds and bring in more TLM.

4.6 Mine of Dalarnia

Mine of Dalarnia is considered the 2nd version of Axie Infinity game developed by 2 Blockchain technology companies, Workinman Interactive and Chromia Studios.

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game with procedurally generated levels on BSC. Players will mine in the terrain and collect items such as minerals, relics, and rare artefacts in different games - the genre will be similar to gold mining games.

The game's purpose is to attract more players, especially those with no experience with cryptocurrencies, to close the gap with the traditional gaming industry.

4.7 Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is an Esport Game platform based on Blockchain technology. The founder of this game is Wolffun and it was developed by Kardiachain. In this game, players can earn points for participating in tournaments, activities and events.

This online fighting arena game is designed around individual skill and teamwork, so anyone can participate. The player will be using NFTs to control some of the items and characters in them.

In addition, Thetan Gem serves as an Administration Token and acts as a Character Upgrade Token. As part of the project team, cosmetics, hero stakes, pets, and a hero fusion system are all in development. Players can choose from several game modes, like arena and adventure modes.

4.8 My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is inspired by many story games…, where players can build houses, own land, collect and meet friends, which is very suitable for people with good entertainment goals or collect NFT.

My Neighbor Alice puts its community at the center of the governance process, inviting ALICE Token holders to join the DAO - community council. Through DAO, the project has distributed ownership rights to the community so that players can vote on proposals to make crucial decisions to improve the system better.

4.9 CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades is a Play to Earn NFT RPG (Role-Playing Game) - a simulated NFT character role-playing game set in a fantasy game world where the player takes control of a fictional character.

Coming to CryptoBlades, players have to enter the game space to collect SKILLs. Not only role-playing, but players can also practice skills by training, creating weapons, and trading NFT characters... to accumulate more WILL increase overall strength and expand the market.

4.10 ILLuvium

On the Ethereum network, Illuvium is a decentralized platform for the fighting game community and NFT collectors. Integrated with the Immutable-X solution on Layer 2, players can use many tasks such as mint or trade assets but still maintain zero gas fees.

The game is based on an adventure story where a ship in the intergalactic space fleet must investigate a lighthouse that signals trouble. In the game, players will hunt dangerous animals and then tame them to fight in the arenas or through the NFT trading platform to generate income.

4.11 Sorare – Fantasy Football

As its name suggests, Sorare – Fantasy Football, players can manage a fantasy team with digital tokens to buy, sell, and trade to compete for great prizes every week.

Built on Ethereum Blockchain, the game was created in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. With a real-world operation, players will influence the entire team.

You will be empowered to arrange for players to play on the field or stay behind the scenes, participating in player transfers with the ultimate goal of defeating your opponent.

Participating in some tournaments will organize your squad by the weekly cards you have. Based on the player's achievements, the Sorare game will be summarised and evaluated to award weekly prizes.

4.12 Guild of Guardians

One of the RPG genres for phones, the game Guild of Guardians is an extremely attractive NFT game. The project is built by Stepico Games company and implemented on Immutable X.

Players will build their squad of Guardians to participate in Guildbattles with humans. Others from there earn money through participating in matches and completing daily tasks. The rewards they receive after fighting are valuable items and full ownership of them.

4.13 Champions: Ascension

One of the first NFTs on the Whitelist is Champions: Ascension - a gladiator MMO game developed in the early stages of development on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Champions: Ascension builds a player-controlled fantasy world to fight champions for honor, glory and rewards. This game pits Eternals gladiators to battle others for wealth in a burgeoning economy.

4.14 Treeverse

Treeverse is a 2D metaverse created by Loopify - it's browser-based that functions as a social media platform for NFT enthusiasts. Initially, Loopify was a passionate artist in the NFT space and started with the Treeverse to create the Nfttree, which everyone very much welcomed.

The project uses ERC-21 Tokens. Players are the sole owners of all their digital assets for profit.

4.15 Ember Sword

Ember Sword is an NFT online role-playing game (MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) based on Blockchain technology that allows anyone to experience the game completely for free (Free to Play).

This NFT game allows the player to build their own kingdom to engage in combat with monsters, bosses or others for coins and collectables. In addition, there will be tasks to perform to increase experience and rewards.

But be careful; you can lose your life in the outlaw area, which means losing most of the player's gear. The player is like a lone wolf who needs to defeat thousands of monsters with weapons with his abilities.

More dangerous is being able to encounter players from other countries in these territories to give players a chance to fight each other.

4.16 Surf Invaders

Compared to other games with the same NFT system, Surf Invaders is quite simple. It also means much easier to engage and make money.

In this game, the player fights through the monster, avoiding obstacles and gaining power along the way. One cool thing about the game is that you can increase the number of lives using Aloha NFT - the more NFTs, the more lives. You will get a place on the leaderboard, earning you money.

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4.17 Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an online Blockchain game set in a galaxy where players can explore the metaverse, buy land, build cities, participate in quests, trade and go on many other adventures. With extremely attractive gameplay that has captured the hearts of millions of people.

Integrated with Serum, Star Atlas also has a decentralized financial system (DeFi), including Lending, AMM and Yield farming. In addition, the game has an ATLAS - USDC pool, the game's NFT selling fee will be put into this pool to buy back the player's ATLAS.

4.18 The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual reality platform (Decentralized Virtual Reality Platform) developed on Ethereum's Blockchain with the aim of allowing users to build, own, create NFT assets and monetize from them.

Players are free from any control by the game developer. The game's advantages are real ownership, rare digital assets, and profit-making potential. Also, interactivity is a bonus point that attracts many players.

4.19 Sidus NFT Heroes

Sidus NFT Heroes is the first WEBGL, AAA level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and MMORPG game built by an experienced technology company. That's why the game is very popular.

Set in hyperspace at a time when technological advancements have reached the point of merging with every creature. The game offers the user many opportunities: interstellar exploration, battles and settlements, as well as the scope of political, social and economic development.

At the same time, Sidus NFT Heroes is also a place where people connect to exchange, make friends, and become teammates supporting each other on the path to success.

4.20 Mobox

Mobox is a gaming platform that combines play with productivity farming by Defi. While it's not as extensive as other crypto games, it actually spans a wide metaverse. The way the game work is to empower people by rewarding them for their participation and enjoyment through the creative use of tokenomics, the use of finance and games.

As players invest more, they are more likely to earn Tokens and receive real-world financial rewards.

5. NFT Features

The Evolution of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology: With the non-stop record-breaking game NFT market, Bitcoin has attracted more attention and has marked the mark. A specific position on the Blockchain technology platform.

Play to earn: Pursuing your passion or sometimes relieving stress also makes you earn money, what's better. With the right placement of customers' needs, the NFT game has exploded to a dizzying speed.

High profits: The media coverage and many well-known investors have invested here, causing many players to register for NFT. The growing trust leads to large investment transactions, so the profits are often much higher than in other games.

Prolonged Covid epidemic: Due to the ongoing epidemic, many people are unemployed and have more free time at home. Therefore, the form of making money online is the trend.

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This article has introduced some information on What are NFT games? Hopefully, you will find the right game in the NFT system to earn more income. If you have questions, contact BHO Network for more information!

Published on July 25, 2022

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