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What is Coinlist? Should you buy Token sale on Coinlist?

  1. 1. What is Coinlist?
  2. 2. Main products on Coinlist Exchange
  3. 3. Review of Coinlist exchange: Should I buy a token sale on Coinlist?
  4. 4. Instructions for using the Coinlist exchange
  5. 4.1 How to register for a Coinlist account
  6. 4.2 Identity Verification - KYC Identity
  7. 4.3 2-layer security (2FA) for accounts
  8. 4.4 How to deposit money into Coinlist wallet
  9. 4.5 How to buy coins on Coinlist
  10. 4.6 How to trade on the Coinlist platform
  11. 5. Instructions for participating in Token Sale on Coinlist
  12. 6. Coinlist Stake Guide
  13. 7. Borrowing Instructions on Coinlist
  14. 8. Other features on Coinlist
  15. 9. CoinList's development team
  16. 10. Successful Fundraising Projects on Coinlist
  17. 10.1 Blockchain
  18. 10.2 Data & Privacy
  19. 10.3 Tooling & Infrastructure Projects
  20. 10.4 Stablecoin Array Project
  21. 10.5 Marketplace array project Marketplace
  22. 11. Why should you trade at Coinlist?
  23. 12. What's next for CoinList?

What is Coinlist? What are the other features of Coinlist exchange? How to register for a Coinlist account? How to trade successfully on the platform? These issues will be answered in detail in the reading content below. To help understand the information about Coinlist, let's find out with BHO Network now!

1. What is Coinlist?

Coinlist is a platform for issuing cryptocurrency projects (Crypto) that provides and provides users with services on selling Coin/Token with the aim of helping users quickly access potential projects. The product was created by CoinList Markets LLC and is headquartered in California, USA.

Coinlist exchange has been creating a fever recently because the number of people participating in 2 projects, Casper and Mina, is up to 300,000 people. Therefore, attracting the first wave of cryptocurrency issuance is a hot topic. The platform is developing and gradually making a big profit with projects that many investors eagerly await.

2. Main products on Coinlist Exchange

Currently, there is information about Coinlist releasing some of the following main products:

  • Token Sale: The product provides the latest Token purchase service for potential and quality projects. Investors can buy it before it is listed on the exchanges.
  • Trade: This is a type of service to buy/sell leading diversified cryptocurrencies. Coinlist tokens have been listed on the latest exchange.
  • Staking: This is the activity of storing APY cryptocurrency from 5.4% for all types of Coins.
  • Wallet: A secure cryptocurrency (Crypto) storage service.
  • DeFi: A tool to convert from Bitcoin to wBTC and join DeFi.
  • Mobile: Help you efficiently access Coinlist.

3. Review of Coinlist exchange: Should I buy a token sale on Coinlist?

Coinlist exchange is considered a reliable platform to start Token Sale (ICO, IDO). Currently, the company is calling for significant investment capital. Based on credibility and quality, Coinlist has been releasing projects with a high number of investors. The main trading activity of this platform supported to sell Tokens is usually Blockchain Layer-1 projects.

Coinlist always sets strict rules and procedures in projects to conduct Token Sale that must be followed. The exchange has been successful when releasing projects Near, Solana, and Flow,... Coinlist is continuously launching other potential projects such as CASPER and MINA to create a fever in the cryptocurrency industry to continue its success.

4. Instructions for using the Coinlist exchange

Currently, Coinlist has many projects with various forms of technical support, which is convenient in terms of functionality. Depending on the type of project, there will be different features that bring profits to investors. To operate on the Cionlist platform, you need to register for an account. And here are the instructions for using Coilist:

4.1 How to register for a Coinlist account

To create an account on the Coninlist platform, players need to perform simple operations as follows:

Step 1: Visit the Coilist website toRegister an account

Step 2: Enter the required information to register for an account on Coinlist, then click Create Account.

  • First name: Last name.
  • Last name: First and middle name.
  • Your email address: Email address.
  • Password: Password for the login account.
  • Repeat password: Re-enter the above account password.

Step 3: Check your email to activate your account and click “Verify your email”.

So everyone has completed the step of registering an account on Coinlist. Next, you need to create security for your account to prevent risks.

4.2 Identity Verification - KYC Identity

Verification of KYC is an important step to secure user accounts when transacting. When you want to participate in trading services or a program to buy Tokens on Coinlist. The necessary condition is that the investor account has done KYC. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Log in to your account, select Your Account, then select Entities and click Get Verified.

Identity Verification- KYC for Coinlist

Step 2: Click on the account type, fill in your full name, then click 'Save & Continue'.

Step 3: Click on the Nationality section and select your nationality then, click “I confirm…accurate” then click Save & Continue.

Step 4: Fill in the full name, address, and date of birth, then click “Save & Continue”.

Step 5: Enter the email address you received to receive the link is sent to your phone, then access to upload a photo of your ID card on both front and back or your passport and current occupation, click the "Save & Continue" box.

Step 6: Verify identity documents by facial recognition.

4.3 2-layer security (2FA) for accounts

2-layer security (2FA) supports user accounts to ensure safety. Currently, the platform uses a calculator. This feature secures transaction service accounts. The steps to successfully register for 2-layer security (2FA) are as follows:

Step 1: You click Your Account at the main interface of Cionlist, then select "Security" Step.

Step 2: Install the application g Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator on a mobile device.

Step 3: Scan the QR Code so that the application provides the 2FA security code for the account.

Step 4: Enter the provided application code, and press Enable to enable the account security feature.

4.4 How to deposit money into Coinlist wallet

Conditions to participate and services on Coinlist exchange, you need to deposit money into the wallet. Proceed with the following operations to send cash to the Coinlist wallet. First, click the Wallet tab, click on the type of property you want to deposit then click Deposit.

Next, you need to check the correct property information of the exchange by clicking on “I Understand”.

The user operates by copying the wallet address and sending money. However, it would help if you kept the following in mind:

  • Do not deposit BEP 20 assets.
  • Only deposit the correct asset class and the correct Blockchain.
  • Make sure the Gas Limit is at least 35,000.

4.5 How to buy coins on Coinlist

CoinList Pro was built to create an exchange with full features and quality infrastructure. At the same time, the platform is also supported by some of the biggest names in the world. Coinlist Pro has affirmed the position and class of a reputable exchange, creating trust with users. To buy coins on Coinlist, users do the following:

  • Step 1: At the main interface, select Pro Trading.
  • Step 2: Select the coin you want to buy and make sure there are other coins in the wallet to convert.
  • Step 3: Proceed to buy like on other exchanges.

4.6 How to trade on the Coinlist platform

To conduct Crypto purchases, sales and services on the CoinList exchange. The first thing you need to do is add money to your wallet. After logging in to your account, click “Wallet” in the left sidebar of the screen. The first entry in the list is always USD. To deposit, please click “Deposit”. The user needs to link a bank account or make a transfer according to the information provided.

After adding funds to the account, users can now start making Coin purchases. How to buy coins on Coinlist is as follows: Go to the left bar of the screen, select “Buy & Sell” and select the type of Coin you want to make a transaction. Players enter the purchased quantity and click “Preview Order” to preview the order. Click on “Confirm Order” to confirm the order, and the cryptocurrency will arrive in your account.

Users can also load Crypto into the wallet by clicking on the “Wallet” page and selecting Crypto. Next, select the "Deposit" box and follow the instructions. Players should copy the CoinList account address and follow the steps above to deposit Crypto into the wallet.

In addition to buying or holding services, users can also actively perform existing transactions on the platform. Navigate to the “Buy & Sell” page and select two assets. Then you enter the amount you want to trade. Finally, click “Preview Order” to check the order information.

After confirming the information, click “Confirm Order” to complete the transaction. Your wallet will update immediately to show the new Token balance.

Users who have invested for a long time can also use CoinList Pro. The exchange offers various trading tools such as Limit Orders and Stop Orders.

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5. Instructions for participating in Token Sale on Coinlist

Token Sale is a distribution channel for buying/selling tokens from worthwhile projects. To participate in buying/selling activities and understand how to buy Tokens on Coinlist exchange, you need to do the following:

Click on the “Token Sale” tab, then click “Learn more” in the Active now section that you want to participate in. buy tokens.

Example: Select Learn more Casper Token Sale project.

Read the token information and consider it carefully and then click Register Now.

Choose the option to buy tokens that suits you best, and click on the Register Now box of that option. Note that different choices will require additional information.

Next, the user clicks on getting started and fills in the information required by the project in turn. If the investor chooses options 1 and 3, the result will appear on the screen that you have successfully registered as shown below:

And if the investor chooses option 2, the results will appear on the screen, and they need to pay more. Documents confirm your residence, such as home insurance bills, living expenses bills, etc..

After successfully registering the Option, users need to wait until the opening date for sale. Now, you can proceed to buy and sell Tokens.

6. Coinlist Stake Guide

To secure cryptocurrency accounts like Bitcoin or DOGE by mining (PoW). However, newer coins use a different security mechanism called PoS. The network is secured with another economic source like Coin Staking instead of mining and requires expensive hardware.

With Staker committing cryptocurrency to the network to help Blockchain validate transactions and it gets rewarded. At staking requires investors to have a lot of experience, technique and high finance, because the operation process is quite complicated. Coinlist makes Staking simple for users, at this time assets will automatically Stake.

Currently, CoinList allows users to stake FLOW, MINA, CSPR, NU, CELO and ALGO. To Stake assets at CoinList exchange, you must first buy or deposit to CoinList wallet as instructed above. Staking will be started when Crypto is in CoinList wallet.

Staking users will not be charged a fee but will charge a fee once the Staking reward has been paid to you. The reward you receive will be based on fluctuations according to the conditions of the Blockchain network. If there are more assets, the more people Stake, the less the reward will be divided among the participants. If the user does not like the Stake program, it can be ignored.

7. Borrowing Instructions on Coinlist

Currently, the CoinList platform allows users to make Crypto loans and collect a fixed interest rate on FIL. You only need a few taps on your smart device to lend on the exchange. The steps to make a loan on Coinlist are as follows:

On the main page, click on “Lending”, and the programs available will be listed. The programs include information about the central Coinlist exchange, such as Crypto requirements and deadlines. Before making the loan process, you will have to meet those requirements, including providing the necessary information and documents with photos.

When you find a program you like and meet the minimum requirements, click on the program and enter the amount you want to lend. The player will receive the initial capital plus interest when the loan period ends. These are limited-time programs, so if users wish to participate in the following loan, please watch the time CoinList starts.

8. Other features on Coinlist

In addition to the features mentioned above, Coinlist also has other features, such as Trading and Staking. Trading Coinlist Pro platform with a program that supports 25 trading pairs and some other prominent tokens: BTC, ETH, FIL, CELO, etc. You can Stake Tokens on Coinlist with APY up to 32%.

9. CoinList's development team

Coinlist's projects have consistently achieved outstanding success. Behind Coinlist is a strong development team to create such a great platform. Members of the project's development team include:

  • Andy Bromberg, CEO and Co-Founder: Andy used to be the CEO and Co-Founder of Sidewire. Previously, he was the co-founder of Stanford Bitcoin Group, although he was only studying Math and Computer Science there.
  • Graham Jenkin, COO & Co-Founder: Graham served as COO and product designer for AngelList. Before AngelList, he was the leader of the UX teams at Google and BofA.
  • Paul Menchov, CTO & Co-Founder: Paul is Head of Fundraising Infrastructure at AngelList and co-founder of Republic, a leading fundraising platform.
  • Joshua Slayton, Co-Founder: Joshua is the CTO who founded AngelList in 2010 and founder of four companies. He fell in love with cryptocurrencies when he discovered Bitcoin 5 years ago.
  • Brian Tubergen, Co-Founder: Brian was the product manager of AngelList. He led a team responsible for investing more than $850 million. Before that, he worked at Facebook and studied Top Computer Science at Princeton.
  • Kendrick Nguyen, founding advisor: Kendrick is the CEO of Republic and General Counsel of AngelList. He was also a fellow at Stanford Law School.

10. Successful Fundraising Projects on Coinlist

The platform is known for its variety and quality. Many Coinlist projects have been successful and resonated. The majority of fundraising projects on Coinlist are Blockchain Layer 1 projects with the ability to earn very high-interest rates to multiply investors' accounts many times. Some successful fundraising projects on Coinlist can be mentioned as follows:

10.1 Blockchain

Blockchain project is known as an electronic technology chain distributed on many different computers with the effect of storing all transaction information. And ensure transparency. Blockchain supports the secure transmission of data based on complex cryptographic systems. Currently, Coinlist has 11 outstanding projects in the Blockchain field that have raised capital:

  • Filecoin (FIL): A Blockchain platform that provides user data storage services.
  • Flow (FLOW): Blockchain Layer-1 is built for consumer applications, games, and digital technology assets. The Flow project was created by the Dapp Labs team, a team that has developed famous NFT games such as NBA Top Shot and CryptoKitties…
  • Props (PROPS): This is a project on digital content services, precisely the field of digital content services. Video area. In particular, the system is applied to Blockchain technology to create fairness and transparency when rewarding participants in the Props network. Users can be end-users, content producers, developers…
  • Near (NEAR): This decentralized application platform is built on the NEAR Protocol. Blockchain is based on a public Proof of Stake mechanism, Sharded.
  • Celo (CELO): An open platform that makes it possible for anyone to access financial services, send money to the recipient's phone number, and make payments by phone number.
  • Solana (SOL): High-performance blockchain platform that is scalable up to 65,000 TPS and 400ms block time without applying other complex solutions.
  • Kadena (KDA): Is a Hybrid Blockchain about Blockchain, including Public Blockchain, Smart Contract Pact programming language and Private Blockchain. Kadena was created to solve the problem of scaling.
  • Nervos (CKB): The platform is built on a Blockchain structure with different layers by specialization for each function. At Layer 2, Nervos App Chain will focus on the scalability and optimization of dApps for users.
  • Algorand (ALGO): Permissionless Blockchain Network is a place that allows users to contribute and receive rewards from the network.
  • Casper (CSPR): Blockchain Proof of Stake uses Casper CBC technology to make it easier for businesses and DEVs to access Blockchain technology.
  • Mina (MINA): This is the lightest Blockchain project that helps DEVs not need to download too much data.

10.2 Data & Privacy

Projects Data & Privacy projects will focus on solving problems in exploiting substantial data volumes (Data) of enterprises. The project is committed to ensuring anonymity, security, and privacy for users.

Ocean (OCEAN) is a typical project in Data & Privacy that has been raised on Coinlist. This project allows users to exchange data in a decentralized way while ensuring data control, origin and transparency.

10.3 Tooling & Infrastructure Projects

In the Tooling & Infrastructure segment, two prominent projects have raised capital on Coinlist:

  • Orchid (OXT): A decentralized system built on Ethereum's Blockchain that allows users to communicate offline. Identity and safety on the internet.
  • DFINITY (ICP): This project specializes in cloud computing on the blockchain, supported and developed by Internet Computers.

10.4 Stablecoin Array Project

Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve a significant problem in the crypto exchange market. Currently, Stablecoin is volatile, the value of Stablecoin is usually very "Stable" and has no or very little volatility. The typical project in the Stablecoin array that has raised capital on Coinlist is Trust Token - a platform that helps users create Stablecoins backed by tangible assets.

10.5 Marketplace array project Marketplace

A project is a connection to create a platform for parties to trade goods and services. Origin project (OGN) has been funded on Coinlist. The support platform helps users save intermediary fees for transactions through dShop.

Coinlist has considered that Ethereum will experience network congestion. 73% of projects opened for sale on Coinlist are about Blockchain.

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11. Why should you trade at Coinlist?

Coninlist is a trusted investment platform with mandatory rules to follow. Currently, many projects on Coinlist exchange bring very high profits to investors.

Coinlist was founded and run by a financial development team with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency field. Thanks to that, Coinlist can review and appraise the quality of the released project most accurately.

Besides, information about Coinlist exchange has also developed banking security laws and an anti-money laundering compliance program (BSA/AML). This is endeavored to maintain the highest level of compliance. Therefore, the projects opened for sale on Coinlist all have transparent and high-quality information.

12. What's next for CoinList?

CoinList launched Karma in September 2021. This is a reward system for users who contribute to the Token reward on CoinList. The more users contribute, the more the activities will increase the value of Karma. Some passive actions include staking and buying coins on CoinList or Coinlist's hackathon.

Kamar as a form of badge commensurate with those who will have access to priority queue by contribution. The platform allows customers to access the Token sale faster than usual. In the last three sales, CoinList prioritized the line for users with Karma over 1,000.

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Thank you for your interest in the Coinlist platform and the company's issuance projects. Hope that the information shared in the article "What is Coinlist?" and the complete details on how to use the platform will be helpful to readers if you are an investor wishing to participate in the money market. Encryption, please contact BHO Network for more details!

Published on May 23, 2022

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