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What are multi-chain and cross-chain? How do they work?

  • Multi-chain means "multi-chain, cross-platform". Specifically, in the crypto market, if a project is deployed on a multi-chain, it must be deployed on at least two chains, which can be Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche or other blockchains.

  • Cross-chain is a solution that allows the transfer of assets from one chain to another in order to optimize the ability to synthesize between chains. Cross-chain projects allow users to connect and transfer assets between different blockchain platforms.

Multi-chain simply refers to many different chains. Specifically, besides the original chain (such as ETH), a specific project can be deployed independently in another chain such as BSC or Polkadot. However, the assets can only be flowed between independent chains by cross-chain solution, which is a tool that allows users to transfer assets between the Ethereum chain and other chains available on the market.

We need to pay attention to some projects in the related hot fields such as AMM DEX or Lending that have not implemented Multi-chain yet. They might be good investment opportunities because of their ability and tendency to implement Multi-chain in the near future.

So how to predict which projects will deploy Multi-chain?

  • Monitoring the social media activities of potential chains like Binance Smart Chain or Polkadot. Before deploying on new chains, they will develop a Cross-chain tool to help users transfer assets to those chains, or have AMA conversations with the development team to announce the cooperation before officially implemented.

  • Tracking and listing DeFi projects in many different ecosystems, users will see some emerging ecosystems that lack investment in some fields such as Lending or AMM DEX. Matured projects in the original ecosystem tend to be deployed and attract users on other chains.

C98 is a very successful example of MultiChain & Cross Chain adoption.

BHO Network - interoperable, cross chained

BHO Network chain is interoperable, cross chained with various digital asset economies with direct integration with the other Defi networks such as Binance, Ethereum, and Polkadot. In addition, BHO Network also acts as a hybrid model to accelerate traditional finance, allowing network players to record their real-world assets on-chain with NFTs.

BHO Network uses Substrate Framework to build their blockchain network and also our bridge, therefore, any Substrate-based cross-chain integration with BHO Network should be seamless. However, this doesn’t mean BHO Network only limits bridging to Substrate-based networks, any integration with other blockchain technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain also works in the same manner.

Right now, BHO Network is already a member of the Polkaproject and is partnering with Kambria. After a successful early bird fundraising round (raise $ 2,400,000) and fully sold out IMO Round 1, the next coming rounds (IMO) will be opened soon for investors, everyone is encouraged to DYOR before investing.

For more information on BHO Network IMO Round 2 & 3, head over to https://imo.bholdus.com/

IMO Round 2: Purchase period: At “13:00 4/9/2021”, those who have successfully registered an account and provided their BEP20 wallet details may participate in IMO – Round 2 at $0.0050 (limit: $100 - $5000).

IMO – Round 2 will end at “13:00 6/9/2021", or until 70.000.000 BHO tokens (equivalent to $350.000) are sold out, whichever comes first.

IMO Round 3: Purchase period: At “13:00 11/9/2021”, those who have successfully registered an account and provided their BEP20 wallet details may participate in IMO – Round 3 at $0.0055 (limit: $100 - $3000).

IMO – Round 3 will end at “13:00 13/9/2021", or until 60.000.000 BHO tokens (equivalent to $330.000) are sold out, whichever comes first

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Published on September 02, 2021

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